Dr. Dexter James
Senior pastor of Warriors assembly international

This is apostle Dr. Dexter James senior pastor of Warriors assembly international. I have use the services of Jireh productions Ltd for my Television program, conferences, and also to trained my media team. I love their level of professionalism and kingdom mindness. And I still use their services and would recommend them to all who’s looking for great service at a great price. contact them today.

Nigel Lewis
Senior Pastor at Shiloh Family Church

Jireh productions Ltd are absolutely fantastic. The work is of international standard. It has greatly enhanced our conferences and we will always be using them. I highly recommend their extremely professional services.

Sasha Juliana Suraj Ramdeen

I must say that I was very pleased with the quality of work Jireh Production Ltd serviced me with on my wedding day 31st August 2017. Jason was very patient and understanding he allow his work to adapt to the atmosphere hence the reason I have to say nothing seems to small, big or hard for him to do. His video worth more than his cost, with the quality of work he delivers your budget won’t “feel” it. He works fast in delivery and I can say you won’t regret choosing Jireh Production…. I give 10 stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Dominic Hackett
regular client

Trustworthy, Dependable and Professional. Jireh Productions is our go to company for editing and video production. Years of experience and dedication to their craft makes me feel comfortable in trusting them with our work. I will recommend them to anyone.

Mikhail Baynes
regular client

Professional, reliable and creative. Jireh makes my company look very good when we collaborate on corporate projects. I’m quick to give recommendations to our clients because I know Jireh will deliver.

If you’re looking for a company to do your videography and designs that’s professional, reliable and creative, you can go Jireh. You will be glad you did. Jason, will guarantee that.

Kevin M. Johnson

Jireh Productions makes you vision come to reality through the lens!!

Curtis Jordan
Principal (school) at CJ's Coaching Academy - C.C.A

In business, for me, customer service and product quality are at the top of my list. These are the areas in which this company has exceeded my expectation. I will definitely be seeking the service of Jireh Productions Ltd in the future. Thanks again!

Afiya Tavera Cunningham
Owner and Founder at Aspire Agency

The quality of the videos and the excellent customer service from Jireh Productions are very outstanding and I will recommend them any day.

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