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A video business card is a marketing tool that you use not only to increase sales but to strengthen and maintain a good engagement relationship with your customers. It also serves as a sales representative and receptionist on your website or social media pages. Unlike the old business card with contacts that you would give to a prospective client after an elevator pitch, the video business card will do that for you in a meaningful way. It is a marvelous way to humanize your brand creating a strong emotional connection between customer and brand giving you optimum customer engagement. Because ultimately, people respond to people.

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    What's Your Experience With Video?
    Beginner - Never appeared on camera
    Novice - I've appeared on camera a bit in the past, I don't actively create videos.
    DIY - I shoot my own videos and am looking to take it to the next level
    Video Professional - I appear on video regularly, I create my own content regularly.
    Video Professional - I have a team that helps me create video content regularly.

    What is your biggest concern working with a video strategist/Videographer?

    What are your short term and long term goals for your business?

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