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Who we are

Jireh Productions Ltd is a full-service Trinidad based video production company. We elevate the experience for your audience and maximize your message by developing and producing innovative, original content. Whether it’s a commercial, documentary, music video, or corporate video, we help provide our clients with fresh ideas and the best video production services possible.

Our emphasis on quality, as well as a fun and collaborative process is what has given us repeat business with our clients.

Why choose us

We deliver visual storytelling through brand stories, explainer videos, event videos, orientation & training videos, commercials, documentaries and more.

  • 100% Result Guaranteed
  • Industry Experience
  • Brilliant Team
  • Friendly & helpful support team
  • Creative and Professional

Our experience

Video Production - 10 years
Editing - 9 years
Web Design - 6 years
Marketing - 5 years
Video Production Training - 2 years


Jason Brereton is the Founder of Jireh Productions Ltd which is an independent video production company headquartered in Trinidad & Tobago that was founded in 2008. He started this company with the goal of delivering the highest quality video productions while keeping costs low for clients.

Unlike many other professional video production companies that turn away low-budget projects, JIREH PRODUCTIONS gladly works with smaller organizations to generate eye-catching media from 30 second spots to a series of ten minute infomercials.

Jason Brereton

Еntrepreneur / Videographer / Jireh Productions Ltd Founder



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